s t e p h e n   e r i c k s o n
  v i c k i   s h e p h e r d
m e t a l s m i t h k i l n   g l a s s
Stephen Erickson Vicki Shepherd
Stephen started his career with carpentry as an apprentice in 1975. After advancing to Journeyman his goal to become self employed was realized upon receiving his State of California General Contracting license. With the prior ten years of construction experience born from mostly commercial "Class A" type projects; residential building and remodeling became the goal.

Because of direct interface with architectural design, owners and decorators, Stephen could see a need for specialized hardware, custom theme lighting and numerous functioning building elements that are not readily available. Stephen obtained experience from a young age in metal fabrication with the use of welding, brazing and soldering equipment. He realized that hand forging by use of coal or propane forges would be just the ticket to open up new creative possibilities.

In 1995 Stephen joined the California Blacksmith Association to advance his skills. Having a vast mechanical background, fuels his creativity and his ability to directly solve difficult project designs. Metal smithing has become the perfect fit because it yields to every practical need and compliments all other mediums in its presence.

Glass and its beauty have always captured Vicki’s attention. Going back years ago with classes in stained glass, she later discovered the more fluid aspects of glass manipulated through heat and became intrigued with the fused glass process. Vicki began taking classes in the San Diego area and participated at the Warm Glass Conference in Portland, Oregon. Excited by what she learned her interest flourished as she realized the multitude of possibilities.

After experimenting with several aspects of fused glass her focus turned to lighting and home furnishings. When her employer of 20 years passed away four years ago, she decided it was time to explore her creative and inventive side.

"My partner, Stephen Erickson and I founded Inspired by Fire to pursue our like goals of creating decorative, sculpturistic and functional lighting and furnishings."


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